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Hi you guys...I’m vlogging about my should too ! Hey, What is uPPPP! It's your girl, keldoll I'd like to personally welcome you 2 my blog and also introduce you to my channel I'm so glad you made it I've had this channel for years.. like a lot of us. Ok, so one day ... I began studying & researching on others videos ~ options for "replacing teeth" as we all run 2 youTube... to quickly SEARCH things right? So there i was...about to BEGIN my own journey of getting new teeth. Excited i ran thru sooo many videos, Long Story Short.. that's how i became a YouTuber because of a DenSureFiT Contest Peer Pressure! lol to possibly help others with my experiences and offer encouragement, strength and hope as sooo many have done for me. The Denture Community has no age. We R all here to lift up and encourage each other by sharing our experiences. What works for us, might NOT WORK for someone else, so watch, listen, learn,, and take what you want and leave the Rest! Feel free to share Check Out My Channel search KelDoLL My Denture Story: My Channel: OFFICIAL RK FB Group:



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