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Disappointed with my mail order of Cushion Grip

Didn't receive my mail order of Cushion Grip. On Saturday, I get an email @ 12:04 (I'm still @ home) saying "delivered in/at mailbox". I look outside my door, no package. Go straight to my mailbox - no package. Mail lady arrives @ 4pm I ask her if she has a package or envelope for my address - she d




Issues with wisdom teeth, help!

Hi guys this is my first time posting here, sorry if this isn’t the right place! I am 21 years old and had 22 extractions, my entire upper set of teeth were removed and partial lower. I now have dentures and have struggled the entire time adapting to them, the fit on the temporary and permanent s




Lower Dentures will not stay secure when I eat. Has anyone used Cushion Grip and can they can eat with them?

I have a full set of dentures and problems with my lower dentures staying in when I eat. I am now trying Cushion Grip because I have tried Secure, Fixodent, Poly Grip, and none will hold my bottom teeth in when I eat. Does anyone else have this problems? How did you fix it?




Immediate dentures

I had all my top teeth pulled 3 days ago. Overall im doing ok. When should i leave my dentures out all night? I really hate the feeling of them being out. Also there is a really sore spot on my gums when i put the dentures back in after cleaning. It hurts so bad getting them back in. Any suggestions




Hi everyone. I had all my teeth pulled and got immediate dentures. Also type 1 diabetic so slow healing

It’s been 12 days since extractions and now just able to keep dentures in for a little bit at a time. The top fit okay but bottom litttle loose. I still have a bit of swelling I have a spot from an extraction last year on my lower. I was wondering if I could use one drop of grip to keep the b




Lower denture floating - adhesives not working yet

I just had 18 teeth pulled 3 weeks ago and there are still "holes" from where the teeth were. I've tried a couple different adhesives but they only last for an hour or two and then they start floating again. I've only tried pastes. Any suggestions? Would powder or the sea bond things work better?




Can you put Comfort Grip over soft liner that dentist put in?

Cushion Grip over soft liner?




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