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Ok I havent complained in awhile.

I keep thinking it will get better. I had all teeth pulled last April of 2016. Got my permanent dentures in October 2016. Been to the dentist a few times for them to adjust or whatever. I still cant really eat. Easter came and I couldn't chew the ham ( I love ham). Family wedding came, couldn't eat




Gagging and Coughing

I've had full dentures two years   I cough hard and then begin to gag when wearing them. I tried using Fixodent Plus which made them feel secure and noticed the gagging was less. But I still can't wear them for more than three hours. I can't even use them for eating. The dentist has told me




New bottoms, need some advice

. I’m exactly 2 weeks out today. I have had uppers since I was 24 years old due to a condition I’ve had with my teeth. I have done everything possible to keep my bottoms, but without dental insurance I had to get them removed and had a new upper. It was only 20 YEARS OLD. yuck!!!! I was too focused




Denture Adhesive

I waited a long time before getting dentures. My Dentist made me wait about 5 months for my mouth to heal. Best decision I think. My oral surgeon was great, and my dentist was top notch. He worked hard to give me natural looking dentures (not chicklet teeth). I love them and they fit wonderful. I u





Disappointed with my mail order of Cushion Grip

Didn't receive my mail order of Cushion Grip. On Saturday, I get an email @ 12:04 (I'm still @ home) saying "delivered in/at mailbox". I look outside my door, no package. Go straight to my mailbox - no package. Mail lady arrives @ 4pm I ask her if she has a package or envelope for my address - she d




Issues with wisdom teeth, help!

Hi guys this is my first time posting here, sorry if this isn’t the right place! I am 21 years old and had 22 extractions, my entire upper set of teeth were removed and partial lower. I now have dentures and have struggled the entire time adapting to them, the fit on the temporary and permanent s




Lower Dentures will not stay secure when I eat. Has anyone used Cushion Grip and can they can eat with them?

I have a full set of dentures and problems with my lower dentures staying in when I eat. I am now trying Cushion Grip because I have tried Secure, Fixodent, Poly Grip, and none will hold my bottom teeth in when I eat. Does anyone else have this problems? How did you fix it?




Immediate dentures

I had all my top teeth pulled 3 days ago. Overall im doing ok. When should i leave my dentures out all night? I really hate the feeling of them being out. Also there is a really sore spot on my gums when i put the dentures back in after cleaning. It hurts so bad getting them back in. Any suggestions




Hi everyone. I had all my teeth pulled and got immediate dentures. Also type 1 diabetic so slow healing

It’s been 12 days since extractions and now just able to keep dentures in for a little bit at a time. The top fit okay but bottom litttle loose. I still have a bit of swelling I have a spot from an extraction last year on my lower. I was wondering if I could use one drop of grip to keep the b




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