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Sat, Apr 22, 2017 8:02 PM

Help! extract tooth before denture?

My father's teeth are rotten and broken at gum line, only 2 or 3 left on top and 1 or 2 on bottom.  Doctor said they have to extract all the rotten tooth roots then make partial denture to attach to the  remaining tooth. But my father is 84. There are risks for extracting almost full mouth tooth. I am just wondering if there are dentures can sit over the existing gum line with broken tooth, so no need to extract the roots. Or does any one have any alternate way to solve the problem? Thanks a million! BTW, what is the correct way to handle rotten teeth broken at gum line thing when aging, do you have to extract the broken tooth right way then do a implant or redo a existing partial denture every time?


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3 years ago

Broken and rotten teeth are doors for infection and heart disease....I don't see the risk that age brings into the equation....The Extractions can be limited or spread out (two visits)...I would recommend extractions and dentures ASAP.....Dentures would not fit over broken teeth because gum is receding. Doubt if you'll find a denturist to go that route....Implant is in the JawBone, tooth must be removed...good luck

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I wouldn't suggest implants at that age, extract all. Get denture. Infection from rotten roots is Very dangerous.

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Extract all the remaining teeth and/or roots now. Do it under local anesthesia if possible. General anesthesia presents its own issues, especially in the elderly. I do not believe anyone will place a denture over diseased teeth. Good luck to your father. Joseph

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3 years ago

Remove tooth ASAP