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Tue, May 9, 2017 7:36 PM

Dentures that look like my natural teeth???

So I'm 29 and need dentures. Everyone says try to save your natural teeth. But I need root canals in almost every tooth in my mouth and my insurance won't cover it. I literally just have front teeth, all of my back teeth were pulled throughout the yrs. my front teeth are looking ok but not up close. The teeth that I do have kill me all of the time. I'm so done with tooth pain it isn't even funny. Although I wish I could save my teeth it really isn't an option so please don't suggest it. My question is: can I have dentures made to look exactly like my natural teeth? I was told it could be done by a dentist I saw months ago but there I would have to wait a month for them to come in and that's a no go. I cannot be without teeth. My new dentist says it can't be done that they will select teeth that resemble the shape of mine. My problem is that I do not want the perfect straight typical old people denture. I want them to look like mine. Mine are beautiful and a tad crooked and still in great enough shape to make a cast. Is this possible??? I just don't want people to know I have dentures and I really do not want to look different.
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