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Wed, Jun 23, 2021 11:18 PM

Dentist or Oral surgeon?

Who pulled all your teeth?  We’re you sedated at all?  I’m just wondering if I should be looking at oral surgeons instead of dentists that offer this. Thanks!


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4 m ago

I went to university of Pitt dental school! I believe it was a dental student along with an instructor of dentistry that pulled my teeth! 

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4 m ago

I went to an oral surgeon and had 9 teeth pulled and had a general anesthetic. Had my bottom denture immediately put in. No pain afterwards. Never used pain pills. Oral surgeons know what they are doing. Took less then an hour. 

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3 m ago

I went to an all in one place sedation dentist. I had all my teeth pulled under “conscious sedation”. They did the implants and bone grafts and the dentures etc.