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Fri, Feb 19, 2021 12:02 AM

All teeth on top row, other than the front two, need extraction - Any advice?

Any thoughts / suggestions appreciated...

I'm going to need a few from the bottom set and most of my remaining tops [ all except the front pair ] removed.
I've got dentures lined up to 'fill in the gaps'.

My dentist seems to be reluctant [ refuses ] to consider extracting the two front ones - as they are "still OK" .
He calls it a cosmetic procedure [ not available on the NHS* ] - but i could probably get it done elsewhere if need be .

My question is - is it worth keeping these top 2? They aren't as bad as the rest but are on their way out.

Not only will they look like totally different [ i.e. crap ] compared to the 'new' ones - i also wonder if there are any potential complications / hassle from keeping them. They will need regular work and eventually to come out sooner or later anyway.
Or - is it better to keep them for some reason? I don't know - maybe they'd help the dentures stability? i have no idea - but interested to hear opinions.
Many thanks!

* I'm English - but international experiences welcome!


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13 days ago

I had a few I was encouraged to keep even though They were falling apart. I chose to get full extractions because I was not going to keep putting money in to a few teeth that were rotting out. I knew they would hurt my health and the gums were receding and I would need to keep seeing a dentist and need to replace the dentures as they finally came out.

I think the dentists like to keep a few bad teeth so you can keep paying. Just my experience and hearing what other people went through. 

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13 days ago

My dentist told me years ago that in my lifetime, I would have dentures. I tried so hard to prove him wrong, but he knew what I  didn't want to think about. The bone in my mouth was slowly deteriorating and there was nothing I could do about it.

Fast forward some 30 years, and one year ago this month I got full set of dentures. I had a few teeth but my dentist and I decided it would be best to remove them. I hate dentures but it was a decision I have not regretted. No more excruciating pain.

If I were you, I would have those two teeth removed. I think they will look different then your new teeth and it would be less stress for you in the long-run. If those teeth are in the front, I don't think they could anchor your upper plate. Now if you have back teeth on the bottom that can be saved, it would be smart to keep them as anchors. 

I am not an expert. Just speaking from experience since I had a similar decision to make when I had my teeth pulled. Wishing you the best of luck.

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13 days ago

I have that decision.  My tops have to come out, dreading it. The front teeth are decayed.  I have 5 others left on top but a partial would have to grip on one on either side.  So I really have no choice cause I'm praying my insurance will pay.. And if I have a prayer of saving it will take at least a year. And have to find a cheap place.  My bottom front are all I have left. I have a bottom partial..I hardly wear it.

I hate myself for all the years I ate junk food. And didn't always have insurance or money plus fear of the dentist.

In short.  The partial will weaken what it hooks onto.  Good luck  

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13 days ago

Hi there. As much as it's great to always try and keep your own teeth there a couple of disadvantages. You will probably have to have metal clasps around your two front teeth to keep the Partial Denture in. If they opt for "clear clasps" they're not very strong and if they break you're responsible for the repair. Having two teeth left also really won't help with stability even if the clasps are there. Full Denture on the upper would be ideal as it will cover the whole palate and after 6mths when all your healing and gums have receded you should have good suction. With the two teeth remaining it's like an "air pocket" so there won't be suction. Totally different on a lower. Lower is like a horseshoe so having some teeth on the lower help with Partial Dentures rather then Full Lower Dentures. I hope this helps.