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Sun, Oct 31, 2021 11:29 AM

New upper and lower partials

I'm 41 and after YEARS of bad teeth I finally made the jump and got upper and lower partials. It was around 4-5 month process. Several extractions and fittings. This past week my dentist removed my upper front 4 teeth and immediately put my partials in. After 2 days I finally took the upper one out. I was immediately sent down a spiral of depression. I know I needed these and I'm thankful I could afford them. But NOTHING prepared me for that first look in the mirror

 No teeth, stitches, discolored gums. I'm not a vain person but this has floored me. My partials look great.....but still. Anyone else??? And, while I'm here, what's the best product to clean my partials with? I'm completely lost!

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