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Thu, Dec 31, 2020 10:53 PM

What denture brand do you recommend? I need new full dentures after 12 years please help!

My bottom denture broke and now am in the market for a new pair after 12 years. Do you have any recommendations for brands / types to consider?  I went to Aspen today however have seen some bad reviews online and now am concerned that might not be the route to go.  They recommended ComfiLyte for me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks and Happy New Year!


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7 m ago

I went to Aspen, had all of my teeth removed and immediate dentures. I get impressions done for my permanents on Monday 1/4. They have been great to me and for me! They were more expensive than another place I went, and i was nervous because I too read the reviews, but my experience so far has been nothing short of fantastic. Oh and Im getting the comfylites as my perms! 

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7 m ago

I know it's difficult in choosing a place to buy dentures. I spent almost a year deciding where to go. You did the right thing in researching and looking at reviews. I finally went to a local Affordable Dentures after seeing the reviews for that particular location and found the reviews overwhelming positive. Keep in mind that each location is different and is only as good as the dentist that owns the establishment.

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7 m ago

If you can afford it, then please go to a dentist/denturist/prosthodontist private practice.  If nothing else, please make a "fee free" appointment at at least 3 and tell them you are considering either Affordable Dentures, Aspen or some other mac n'cheese place and they may make you a deal.  Ask what differentiates them from the chains and you WILL be surprised at what you get for maybe less, the same or a few more dollars.  I went to the Affordable Dentures location with the dentist who introduced the implants program, 4 to 6 and not true implants, to Affordable Dentures and they were an outright circus of defensive, dysfunctional, impatient, unkind, uncaring, irresponsible people.  All the dentist actually did was pull my teeth and explain the implant program and then the rest was handled by multiple people, including a trainee; it was an all around horrific experience and I got most of my money back, all but the extraction fee and walked out with a fairly crappy, 4th pair of immediates all within a few months.  Be sure to ask what their policy is, and get it in writing (read everything you sign) regarding refunds for dissatisfaction and check with your local laws about that.  Good luck.