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Fri, Nov 7, 2014 2:45 PM

Fixodent will not stick to denture?!

I work in a dental office and I have a patient that is having trouble with Fixodent, or any other adhesive, sticking to her denture! Any suggestions would be appreciated! Or, if you have experienced this problem and have a solution, PLEASE ADVISE!


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6 years ago

Hi there, sorry to hear your patient is having trouble using a denture adhesive! If she is having trouble using a cream adhesive, one possible problem could be that she is applying the cream to wet dentures instead of dry. Adhesive should be applied to dry dentures in thin strips. If she is applying the cream properly, it might be that a powder adhesive would be more effective, as it provides a thinner seal. However, powder adhesives are used with wet dentures. Please consider passing on our care team phone number to your patient; they may have more suggestions. The number is 1-855-236-3353 (M-F, 9am-6pm EST). Hope this helps!


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I use fixodent powder on wet dentures, works great just use as little as possible, and shake off any extra, I haven't had any problem. Since I went to Efferdent tablets and very warm water to clean them overnight they are ready to go in the AM.

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I used fixodent powder today for the first time and only held til I ate dinner.  After that upper dentures felt slimy.  I would say it only held for about 4 hours.  What am I doing wrong???  I have this problem whether I use a tube of powder!!!  I have to use my tongue to push them forward as they feel like they are slipping backwards.  

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Fixodent didn't work long for me either. I used Secure this morning at 7 am. I just ate out at a resturant and they are still holding tight. I watched a YouTube video of how best to use it and it works great for me. I dry my teeth completely, no moisture. Then squirt some on the plate and smear it in a thin layer all over. Wet my mouth and put in and hold for 30 seconds. On my lowers, I use a tip to get in there, I use a touch more than the tops and make sure I get to the back edge so it seals good. I put it on both uppers and lowers then put in mouth so my mouth stays moist. I don't drink or eat for at least a half hour. Now the bad part, getting the goup off my finger. I use HOT water and paper towel. Takes a few minutes but it works. Taking them out leaves goup in mouth. I again use the hottest water I can stand and start rinsing, a few times, then use paper towels to get the rest off. Not the best, but at least I am eating with them. I buy Secure on Amazon.. Hope this helps someone.

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On the few times that I have used adhesives my bottom plate always comes loose within 4-6 hours (except of course when my incident occurred). I've chalked it up to the adhesive getting too far into my indents. I did buy some sea bond and also some Polident strips (sorry Fixodent! ) I haven't tried either of them yet but will keep you posted

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Is there any adhesive that doesn't leave the slimy goop when trying to take them out. That is the hardest part for me because it gags me.
I'm also wondering if I should leave them out a couple days. I've only had them a week, and I have a sore almost the size of a dime on the roof of my mouth at the front. It really hurts, and feels like the denture is grinding on it when they're in. I can only eat soup and yogart.

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2 years ago

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