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Sun, Nov 14, 2021 3:50 AM

Denture got stuck during hard reline

During a hard reline my dentist got my top plate stuck in my mouth and he had to cut them out.

Some how the denture got air bubbles in the reline material and caused them to get stuck in the roof of my mouth. He had to give me 6 shots to numb my gums so he could cut them out.

My gums are now so sore I can’t even put any pressure on my upper lip. I have 5-6 lesions also. I am assuming he either cut through the denture or the heat from cutting burned my gums. I also have a nice sized cut on my upper lip where he cut it with the drill

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Il y a 6 m

Oh my gosh that’s awful!  I hope he didn’t charge you at the very least!  Jeeez I hope you feel fully and quickly!

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Il y a 2 m

I can definitely concur!I went to the affordable dentures on Cascade Rd,in Atlanta,Ga.Well,the top reline came out,without incident.The bottom was left in too long and what followed was torturous!I was told it would have to be "cut out".It literally took the dentist 30 min

to remove my glued in partial!Meanwhile,my actual teeth and gums were being poked,scraped and cut!The dental assistant asked me,"are you okay"?Since I couldn't talk,I gurgled "no"!I was asked if I wanted anesthesia and I was like,yes!The dentist kept saying,"if I had just come in a minute earlier,this wouldn't have happened"!He tried to keep the mood light and social,which made it a little more bearable.But,he also made it a point to try to divert attention away from his shortcomings..After the torture was over, I FINALLY received an apology.Oh,my...It felt like I was receiving an intense deep cleaning!It left my mouth sore,cut up,and even removed a little layer of gum from around my teeth.I've experienced SO many unpleasant things at this particular dentistry. The doctor and I even exchanged words at a particular visit,whe he wanted me to just "be quiet,lay back and let him do his job",while i expressed my displeasure about the kind of service I was receiving.My husband and I payed our money and we didn't pay it to not be heard and treated like a priority.Please,avoid this particular practice,if at all possible!