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Sun, Nov 14, 2021 3:50 AM

Denture got stuck during hard reline

During a hard reline my dentist got my top plate stuck in my mouth and he had to cut them out.

Some how the denture got air bubbles in the reline material and caused them to get stuck in the roof of my mouth. He had to give me 6 shots to numb my gums so he could cut them out.

My gums are now so sore I can’t even put any pressure on my upper lip. I have 5-6 lesions also. I am assuming he either cut through the denture or the heat from cutting burned my gums. I also have a nice sized cut on my upper lip where he cut it with the drill

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14 d ago

Oh my gosh that’s awful!  I hope he didn’t charge you at the very least!  Jeeez I hope you feel fully and quickly!