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Wed, Dec 30, 2020 8:41 PM

Are Thermoplastic adhesives any good?

I just got dentures 3 weeks ago. I'm having a terrible time eating with the bottom plate in. It's secure until I eat, then all the adhesive mysteriously disappears and it flops around. I've seen some thermoplastic adhesives advertised, and they get mixed reviews, or phony reviews. I'd rather hear from actual  denture wearers.

 Are these products any good? If so, which is the best. Are they ok for new dentures. Thx for the help.


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7 m ago

Email me and I will send you a sample out Onestopdentureshop@gmail.com

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7 m ago

I have used Cushion Grip for many years now.  While nothing is perfect, I can put this on my uppers and it stays there and functions until I decide to take it off....maybe a month or two.  The lowers are a more difficult issue, but I can use it and eat (mostly) normally for a week or more.  It is worth a try to see if it will solve your problem.  I have not found any other product that does as well.  

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7 m ago

If you are looking for a thermoplastic, there are only two legit products on the market.  Cushion Grip from USpharma Ltd. and Cushion EZ from Shionogi of Japan.  ALL OF THE REST ARE CRAP, one is even made in the seller's garage (((Comfort Lining)))!

Cushion Grip was a product manufactured by Merck Pharmaceuticals, a well know U.S.A. company with stringent manufacturing guidelines and it appears that USpharma, who bought the product from Merck but didn't begin manufacturing it until more than a year or so later, has continued the stringent manufacturing guidelines.  Which is fantastic because who wants to buy a thermoplastic product that you put into your mouth from someone who makes it in their garage?

Since there was a gap between when Merck discontinued Cushion Grip (used to be able to buy it at CVS for like $2.99) and when USpharma started producing it, there were sellers on Amazon and eBay trying to sell it for $1,000 or more.  The hunt for an equal product brought some people to foreign products and the best, by far, was Shionogi's Cushion EZ.  One could purchase it on Amazon for $7.99.  However, that product recently went to $65 on Amazon (from a different seller).  So, now you need to buy it from Bonanza or Goods of Japan.  

Because Shionogi's product remained pliable FAR longer than Cushion Grip, that is what I and others preferred and still buy.  If Cushion Grips product was, say, $4.99 or a more reasonable price than $9.99, I would strictly use it.  Cushion Grip, however becomes very brittle, almost like a thin, hard plastic in your mouth, on the lowers especially because that is where it is exposed, when you drink anything cold so you would need to remove it immediately and that can be embarrassing to say the least when you are dining out.  Cushion EZ doesn't do that and can actually be heated to remold in a pinch "waiter, can you bring me a cup of hot water"? (although that's a bit gross). 

All in all, thermoplastics are very, very temporary and have absolutely no ability to "glue" dentures but are simply a filler.

PS, neither of these products have anything that will damage dentures.  PPS, DO NOT, I repeat again and again, DO NOT leave Cushion Grip on your denture for a month.  Thermoplastics made to remain pliable are permeable to bacteria and mold; that's just gross!