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Sun, May 16, 2021 3:22 AM

Adhesive not lasting

I had extractions mid March,  received temporary upper 5 days later. 
not even 2 months later and I am having to use adhesive multiple times daily... it holds for a couple of hours then I have to reapply... then in a few hours repeat... all day... so aggravating. The adhesive is sticking to the roof of my mouth fine,  it is releasing from the denture though... without adhesive the denture just falls, and slips,  seems like it wasn’t even made for my mouth!!!!  I have small but painful blisters in a couple of places... does anyone have any idea on the adhesive problem???


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5 m ago

First go back to your dentist who did the work and made the denture.  As your gooms heal from the extractions the swelling also goes down and will make the denture feel like they are too big.  Also my experience.    I use the Powder form of adhesive.  Poli Dent,  I've also used Fixadent but like the other one better.  If you are drinking hot items like coffee or tea or just lots of water that will also make your adhesive let go and I found myself in the beginning losing my adhesive power. Yes also 4/5 times a day.   I would advise you to see your dentist to ask about the blisters.  If something is rubbing on your gooms it would be better to have him look at it closely. Good luck.

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2 m ago

Prowell, how are you doing with your dentures now?    Can you eat properly without the dentures falling off?