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Sat, Sep 11, 2021 11:28 PM

4 days with immediate dentures just used Fixadent wish I didn’t

So I was going good just my top denture is too big. It was too big when they put it in my mouth. It falls down if I yawn or try to eat it’s annoying so I got some advice from someone to use fixodent on my denture at the top. I was against using it until my gums healed and now I’m so mad I tried it because not only did it not work at all, as soon as I used it my whole tongue had this funny feeling and still hours after I have it. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it a allergic reaction? Also when I went to clean my denture right now my whole gums are white!! They weren’t before I used this stupid stuff! I’ve been happy with how healthy my gums have been looking (pink) only to take out my denture and within hours they are white and my tongue has a almost burning feeling. I am pissed I will never use this stuff again.

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Il y a 8 m

I have had immediate dentures since August 1, and have also been using the fixodent plus precision hold and seal w/scope. I will I was advised by my dentist only to put it on the pallet part of the top plate, not in the groove where your gums are because they’re still healing. Mine turned a little white from time to time but usually comes right off after I swish with some salt water.. Your dentures will still be a little loose they can’t really tighten them too much because your gums will need to heal.  I just went for my first adjustment to tighten then with a silicone gel. And it made a huge difference.  You won’t be able to eat/chew anything for a while.  I still have trouble with that myself. I suggest calling ur dentist where you got your dentures and ask them about your concerns and the burning feeling.  That I have not had. Maybe u can try a different adhesive.