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Sat, May 12, 2018 5:18 PM

Wow glad i found this site.

Wow glad i found this site. Really good information. Im on day 3 and still soft food's im not trying to be a hero so patience which is not easy for me. I love my food and again thank you everyone who posted great information.


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2 years ago

Hang in there. I’m on week 6 of full extraction with dentures and eventual full implants. Still softer foods for me. I’m eating chips and dip finally now!!!!

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2 years ago

Hi Koralman
We are very interested in your journey   with dentures or denture supported with implants

Please let us know how much your implants are costing and where you are having it done???
Where are you located, in what city and state?

Document your dental journey so w can learn from your experience
Good Luck

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2 years ago


The food will come, I promise :) I had the same issue - Food Network taunted me on a daily basis, but it was good motivation to learn how to use the new hardware.

The 30 day mark is when it all started to click for me and I started eating just about everything in sight, within reason.