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Wed, Sep 22, 2021 9:42 PM

Way too big for me

Hello all I just got dentures. I am just healed enough to wear them. I was supposed to wear them the last 2 weeks while healing but like the title says they are way too big. I honestly think they got them mixed up with someone else’s. There is a tooth imprint inside the denture mold where I did not have one. But the dentist swears it’s mine. 

so I can’t keep these in my mouth without gagging. So I took my dremel to it and used some of the reline stuff. They fit a bit better now but still gagging me when I try and talk or open my mouth. Basically these are still too big though better. 

I think if I could thin the material on the roof like way thin it would be even better. I just am not sure how much material I can remove. Not only is the material too thick but they also seem to go too far back which is not helping the gag issue. 

how much more material can I remove? How far back do they actually need to go? Any help I would appreciate. Thank you. 

almost forgot they also push my lips out a bit. It feels like I am wearing vampire teeth actually is exactly what it’s like for me around the lips. 

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