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Tue, Sep 15, 2020 12:50 PM

upper dentures

I got my teeth pulled on Aug 11. When the dentist went to put my  dentures in they were so big they just fell down! He put some denture cream on the top , give me the bottoms and I went home. One week later I went back with my big teeth, they put a soft liner in, I walked out the door and the fell out, went back and in put denture cream in! Two weeks later I went back they put a new liner in , in worked for 2 days. I can't bite nothing I can only soft food, I don't think jaws go down enough. I was told by my dentist you can;t eat with dentures. My mom, sister ,aunts and alot of other people i know have them ,but I know now one with this problem. Can someone please help

tx alice


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14 days ago

Hey Alice. It sounds like they need to a Reline which should be done no sooner then 6mths because your gums are receding/healing but seems the only way to get the denture to improve because it's too big and the temp liner isn't working.