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Mon, Oct 15, 2018 12:54 PM

Top denture too tight/small?

I have a question about upper dentures. Hoping to get some help or advice.
I just got my full dentures 3 days ago. And the top is so tight! They HURT going in and even worse coming out! I do not need any adhesives on the top which I was told if they fit proper you shouldn't. But these hurt going in and coming out they hurt when they are in too. Which my dentist also said that i will get sores fron chewing. But I cant even chew/eat because the pain that is already there. When I did my wax try in they were snug but they didnt hurt. I understand it was wax then and not the hard plastic (or whatever dentures are made of)but this just dont seem right to me. I know there should be pain or discomfort expected but this just seems like too much for me. They shouldnt be this hard to put in and out without adhesives. Its to the piibt im in tears taking them out. I put sone left over liquid orajel i had on my gums before putting them on yesterday it was ok. It hurt puttibg them in but rhen was fine for about 10 min then the pain started and by 1pm I took them out at work due to the pain.


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2 years ago

Hi, mine have always been too loose from day one. Have to keep doing soft relines. I use tons of awful glue. So don’t worry, your gums shrink really fast. I wish mine had been tight. Just wait a few weeks!!
Good luck.

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2 years ago

I have a full set, both are too loose. I have to take them out at work after Lunch and redo the Adhesive. I had them put in after having 7 Teeth pulled last Tuesdsy. I pray they will fit better real soon. I was told by several people who has them it takes Weeks to get used to thrm. I'm having a hard time eating with them, I'm back to eating Soups and Yogurt.

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a year ago

It is highly interesting to me/my own experience with immediate dentures, that nearly every post, every youtube video, etc. --- that TOO LOOSE, too big, is the usual.
And so few of us experience the opposite: dentures way too tight, compressing on the tender surgical wounds, and great pressure on the bony jaw ridge, both upper and lower.

I wonder if it is due to the fact that immediates will also serve as permanent dentures for the implants/snap-ins, in my case. Perhaps the denturist made them a tighter fit initially, so they would not be so terribly loose and "too big" 6-12 months down the road of healing.

Anyone else have this going on here? Interested to hear.

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12 days ago

Help Karolanne, I'm having the same problem!! My denture is so tight and hurts so bad going in and especially coming out. I'm crying trying to put them back in. I think they are curved to much on the top gum area. I've cried at dentist and they say it's great suction. I dont think its suction at all just so tight. What did u do to help the pain