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Fri, Oct 1, 2021 10:34 PM

Teeth broke during full extraction

So had my remaining top teeth pulled by choice, 10 teeth then an immediate denture placed in.

Only problem was my k9 incisors were so well imbedded and after my dentist trying absolutely everything to remove them, as well as me having max amount of local anesthetic pain relief she couldn't get them out. So after all the others being pulled no prob and after a serious amount of effort they ended up breaking totally, one just on the gumline the other raised.

Told I will have to come back to have bone shaved, I am pretty apprehensive, but the bigger problem is 48 hours after my denture will obviously not sit flush with my painful healing gums. I can feel one side touching the broken remaining tooth. Nerves all dealt with, but just feels weird.

Anyone else had this or can offer some advice, mega painful removing and reinserting. I am back in say 18 days for their impending removal but I really am dreading this more than the initial day I had.

Help 😟

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