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Mon, Oct 18, 2021 2:07 PM

Permanent Dentures

Hi Guys! 

I am D Scusted.....with my immed top denrure! It looks terrible feels terrible and quite frankly its humiliating because the teeth are so small.  I look horrific! And I feel horrific! I paid 3,200 and had no insurance. Anyways . Now i have insurance and I need to get perm top denture that looks and feels more like me and wont cost an arm and a leg. Any ideas on where to go and what to get? Thanks

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I hope when you do get your permanents that they are the perfect size, shade and most of all the perfect fit. I'm still struggling with my temporary upper dentures. Keep us posted .

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Bates Technical College Denturist School I think it's $800/set. Run by an experience licensed denturist and educator. I bought a set as spares.