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Fri, Jul 30, 2021 11:44 AM

Painful Tongue

Hi all. I got all my teeth out in December and am only now just starting to wear my dentures. (Living on a mountain top is great but it has serious drawbacks, specialized dental care being far away is one of them) The top ones fit well but the bottoms pop off my jaw when I open my mouth. So I tried zinc free secure waterproof denture adhesive comfort strips. 

The strip itself made my tongue *hurt*. It died down after about 45 minutes (I'm stubborn and determined to have teeth - I turn 40 at the end of the year). When  I say hurt, I mean hurt. Like it gave me a headache. 

Has anyone else dealt with this? Can it be caused by the strip? 

Thank you in advance. I'm glad I found this forum.


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