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Sat, Sep 18, 2021 10:22 PM


Ok had All my teeth pulled about four days ago and they messed up my top denture so I can't wear them and the bottoms I could wear two days ago but I'm worse the last two days ...I have paineds help a little I've been putting like a waxy  lip balm on my gums tried tea bags ANY SUGGESTIONS. Cause idk how I'm gonna do this.   Wednesday I have to go back and they will remold top and sure that will be great  I'm miserable now......I wanted to do this for 20 years infections small teeth haven't really smiled in years....now I just want no pain and to eat again . No idea how I'm gonna wear a n95 at work and be nice when I just wanna pull my hair out ..haven't told my boss yet .....thanks for listening..

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