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Tue, Sep 21, 2021 7:34 PM

pain under top denture-not sores!

I have had dentures now for 4 years...perfect fit, still are perfect. Last night after removing my top denture the roof of my mouth where my top denture sits all day felt like a burning sensation. NO sores or scrapes or anything like that. So I rinsed out my mouth which was painful but I went to sleep. The burning sensation was still there in the morning but not near as bad. I looked at the roof of my mouth and no redness or anything I could see that was unusual. I put my dentures in and went to work.  Not as bad today but still lingering. There are no sore spots and dentures fit perfect. Anyone else experience anything like this? 

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2 m ago

I am new here, I've only had my bottom & top dentures now since Sept 1., but I've known many people that have had them a LONG time, and I've never heard of anything like that .. the only thing I can think that would cause that, especially since you've had them for four years already, is something you ate got trapped under there that might cause that.. like a red pepper flake or something like that?  I don't know.. If that persists, I would suggest calling your dentist and asking them what may cause that.