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Thu, Sep 30, 2021 4:57 PM

Over bite

Can I get my original overbite back ? I had to fight to keep the space between my two front teeth when I got dentures. I felt it was part of who I was, my identity. They took away my overtime and I have wrinkles on my upper lip and no lip now because it appears sucken. I got the standard answer of it just takes time . There is no returning the messed up pair and getting a different pair without getting charged. Why are denturist so ignorant about what dentures are about. They aren't about fixing a bite or fixing a bad tooth they are about just replacing the teeth that were lost. I'm so unhappy and it's been problems 5 years but am fearful to go back to a denturist that will not listen and give me what I want.  I didnt have a problem eating before with my overtime why won't they let me hv it? 

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