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Thu, May 17, 2018 12:22 AM

One Month and still struggling

It's been one day over a month since I had 21 teeth extracted and immediate dentures put in place. My mouth seems to change every day. I've had 3 adjustments since then. Every time they do an adjustment and everything feels better its only a matter of hrs. or a day or two that another problem arises and there is pain in another place! At this rate I will need to be in the office for adjustments every week at the least or more to keep myself out of pain. I don't have that much personal and vacation days for this! I realize everyone is different but is there a time I can expect pain to subside and start working toward dentures I can begin to work with without pain? My bottom is very loose. I have to reglue 3-4 times a day now.  I want to go in for a free soft relign but I still have pain. In my mind I should wait for my pain to subside so that the relign is effective rather than getting it done just because it's free and then having more pain because the new relign makes more pain. Any Ideas or past experience would be greatly appreciated!


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2 years ago

I had full extraction of all teeth on April 6 with immediate dentures. I’m on my second set of dentures. Implants can’t get here soon enough. I recommend continuous adjustments. There is no reason to be in pain.

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2 years ago

Hi Andrew,
Sorry to hear that you are still in pain.
I hear you with sick days and vacation time, but as inconvenient and frustrating it is, you should not have to be in pain . Your dentist has to do as many adjustments to your dentures as it takes for you to be pain free.
I don't want to "haunt " you with my calendula tea, but seriously- it helps so great with sore spots and pain.