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Mon, Apr 26, 2021 5:59 PM

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Hello, I am not sure where to start.  I am dealing with trying to incorporate my dentures as second nature.  Ive been wearing full upper denture for about 5 months.  I had my final reline about 6 weeks ago.  At first I was led to believe it will finally fit like a glove and that adhesive will not/should not be necessary.  Upon my last visit, my prosthodontis pretty much dismissed me.  We were done!..  And that I could take up going back to my prior dentist or continue with her.  The latter option just didn't sound so sincere.   I just wasn't prepared for the dismissmal, at the time I was I think in shock so I didn't question it,   I was still having much difficulty with food getting stuck way up on top of my denture, and my tongue couldn't reach it to clear it out, I also was still needing to use adhesive.  She told me to excercise my tongue, as it can get stronger and do the trick.   I am still trying.  Also, when I put my denture in first thing in the morning with adhesive, the suction is usually very secure.  But after 8 or 9 hours it starts to loosen up and things start clacking around.  When I do my second adhesive application, it seems I cant get that good secure suction bonded again.  I have been focusing on not grinding to prevent knocking the suction loose,   These past several days it seems that is all I think about, "my denture"  .  For the bottom, I wear a partial, I was fortunate to keep my front bottom teeth, think there 6 or 7.  I have to be careful not to hit the back teeth, or it might break the seal on my upper.  Is this normal?   I am starting to have anixety and deveopling a complex.  Which is not a norm for me.  I usually have a very very strong self confidence, happy, easy going.  I really just want to stay home and deal with the complexacity.  Its exhausting.  Then I start thinking its probably all in my mind, and having a hard time wanting to speak up about it to my family.  My teeth has been an ongoing problematic dilemna for the past 15 years.  And upon this last procedure, they want this to be over with once and for all.   I think I've figured out the food problem getting stuck just today- 1.) the adhesive sometimes oozes out, so if I make sure to wipe off the food may not get so stuck.  Well, I think Ive wrote enough, I still have butterflies in my stomach.  I should probably call my prosthodontis and explain all this, but something is holding me back.  I feel like I should be able to figure this on my own.  Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?  I sure hope so.  Looking forward to hearing from some of you.    Sorry for the misspellings, I'm not locating the spell check right yet.  


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