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Sat, Nov 13, 2021 6:28 AM


New dents

I hate this!! I am so greatful to have this community!! Ok so, my first exp. W dentires, like most was horrific!! I dont want to be a double downer but dentures , in my opinion , are the end of living. They are expensive, they never look good, they take taste and romance and spontaneity from "fun to none". Now, after suffering long-term embarrassment because I had top immediate dentures that were a horrific so I went to a different dentist office and now I'm getting a meter permanent top dentures but I need to have eight extractions and lower immediate denture put in at the same time so now I paid a lot of money the first time to look at horrific I'm going to pay twice as much this time and it's going to be jumbled I know I'm going to end up just hating it and I hate this whole thing and unless I had $10,000 a tooth to spend what else is there to do it sucks I hate eating and I hate not wearing masks, and I hate looking like an alien from a different planet why I used to be I used to be awesome looking and now. .... 

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