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Thu, Jun 27, 2013 8:59 PM

My face is caved in and wrinkled since getting dentures.

I've had lowers for about 2 years and the upper for nearly a year now. I am so depressed because it has aged my face by at least 10 years. I read where so many feel like they like the look of dentures better than their old teeth, but not me. My lips have nearly disappeared. My upper lip is all wrinkled people who have smoked for years get. I have never smoked. My cheeks are concave and jowels drooping. I am 54, but look mid 60 something since getting my teeth out and these dentures in. What's the trick to a good looking smile ??
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a month ago

Hello!  I'm sorry you have this issue!  It seem's your top and bottom jaw have resorbed since getting your denture's two years ago.  What happens is when your gums don't have the tooth root, they no longer serve a purpose, so they shrink as your body pulls the minerals else where. 

When this happen's, act of time's you need a reline, which will help full out the face and give you height and width.  The dentist can also build up lost vehicle dimension of occlusion, which will help with your lip support, smooth out wrinkles, and balance out your cheek's!  This is called increase vehicle dimension of occlusion.  If you google increase vertical dimension of occlusion before after photo's, you'll see a major difference and this will give you hope!

You can also ask your dentist to apply a lip bumper to your top denture to help bring out your lip a bit!

All this will make you look 10-15 year's younger!  

Good luck!