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Fri, Jun 28, 2013 10:14 AM

major regret

Today was day #2 with bottom dentures. I know that it takes time to adjust, I've had top dentures for 15 years and I love them!I had all bottom teeth pulled and waited 8 weeks to get my new final bottom and was so excited. I HATE THEM!!! I spent most of the day yesterday crying and thinking that I made a horrable mistake in doing a full bottom vs a partal. They are so big and chunky and feel so out of place in my mouth. I dont have a problem with them moving around, I use fixodent powder but just went and got some food seal past. I do have a couple of sore spots that I will go in to have corrected next week. My problem is that the peace is so chunky and the teeth sit so high up. Food gets cought between the gum and inside of the lip and the teeth are so tall tha I can not sweep my toung across the inside of my lower lip to free the food. I dont know if this can be fixed without having a new denture made but I will talk to my dentest about it when I go in next week. I really like the look of my new teeth and will no longer need to hid my teeth when I talk and laugh but I just cant see wearing them outside of work. Someone please tell me, honestly, that it will get better and I will one day - sooner rather than latter -not regret the choice I made to get a full bottom denture.
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3 m ago

It will get better.  Your gums are swollen right now I am sure.  Once the swelling goes down, your dentures should fit much better.  They will not be as easy to adjust to as your upper dentures, but I think with time and patience you will be much happier.  Just make up your mind that you are going to learn to use them and try to leave them in your mouth as much as possible.  Eat soft foods for about a month...gradually add harder to eat foods and cut your food into small bites.  I feel the same way you do with mine, but it is getting better each day.  Good luck.  I know you can do this.