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Sun, Jan 24, 2016 6:18 AM

Is it better to get the molds of your mouth done after all your teeth have been pulled?

My dentist is pulling all of my teeth before getting the molds for my dentures done, is this a good idea? Back in my hometown where I used to live almost a year ago I was getting molds done for my teeth but out here where I live now I am getting the molds done for my teeth after all of them are out, which I think is some what of a good idea because then the swelling would be down. But they also said that after they all get taken out that it would be six weeks after that I would be getting my dentures, I like that I am getting full dentures because then I wouldn't have to worry anymore about going and getting more pulled in the future. But with my dad when he got his they took the molds of his mouth before they took all of his teeth out and the same with my moms top dentures. Is taking the molds after all the teeth get taken out what some of the dentists are doing now in some way I think that its smarter.


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5 years ago

It is the best for long term....if you can manage 3-4 weeks, it would be ideal(any stitches or swelling should be healed....then within 5 days your dentures are perfect....

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5 years ago

You won't be biting anything hard for a while anyway, and you will get a better fit... or you should anyway. Its been a little over 4 weeks for me with the temporary dentures, and I'm just now able to bite and chew, and even that is because I did a soft reline. I haven't tried the other way, but then you only get to choose one way. You can't go back and try it the other way. lol

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5 years ago

I was given the option of the conventional vs the immediate and I chose to have immediate dentures. Additionally, there were two options I was given for the immediate option, have all teeth pulled at once and dentures inserted, or pull the molars first, do bite impressions, molds, try-ins ect and then pull the remaining teeth. I wanted to do the first option, but my dentist highly recommended the second option because I would get a better fit. I didn't see the conventional dentures as an option for me, but I am sure the fit would be better that way.

For me it was 10 weeks from the first extractions to the final extractions and denture insertion. I did have some complications with one extraction that took extra healing time, which delayed everything about 3 weeks, and then had a 1 week delay because the lab needed some extra time crafting my dentures because they were correcting for my natural bite and jaw line. They did a great job by the way. My bite is perfect, but I still have some sensitivity on the left side which makes chewing challenging. I've had my dentures about 5 weeks.