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Sun, Sep 13, 2020 6:53 PM

I think my top denture is too large

I just had all but two teeth extracted and immediate dentures placed on Thursday, 9/10/2020. I am still bleeding, is that normal?


My Issue:

I have a full plate on top and a partial on bottom.


Something about the top denture is off.

The top denture is just too big. The teeth seem too large (long) and the gum pushes up into my nose. My original (damaged) teeth were not this large. Im unable to smile because the top teeth are so big. 

Also, I dont know if its the bite or if its just too big for my mouth, but I am unable close my mouth Properly. I have an overbite.  my jaw hurts from constantly keeping it slightly open.


On the bottom, the gum(?) behind the teeth is just too thick and high (built up). I can feel maybe 2mm of teeth and the rest gum. I also have a huge sore spot under my tongue.


will this be remedied with a soft reline or should I go back in? I already had my post op appt. see photos.



It’s driving me nuts. Because the top is so big I am unable to speak or eat. I can swallow water but taking medication is awful and I choke. Help.



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14 days ago

Just copied/pasted this answer from my page you posted on.


@AngelMarie Hopefully the bleeding has stopped. Salt water rinses should become your "best friend" for the next 6mths. I would rinse at least 3x a day. The Upper will feel huge as it's hard to determine how much swelling you would have to the next person, so when a denture is made we keep in mind making it big enough that it will fit. Don't worry....that will change with time. That's very common for the denture to "push up" into your nose. That's a sign that your gums are already shrinking. All the pink acrylic part above the teeth is called the flange. You can get in for an adjustment and have them trim the top of it to make it shorter so it doesn't push up but it may happen again as your gums are shrinking/healing for 6mths. If it does you have them adjust it again down the road. It's hard to give you some answers as you're not here in person nor can I see pics. Your new teeth may seem big because you had damaged teeth for a long time?? and got used to that. There should be a slight overbite and if you never had one before chance it they made it like that to correct your bite which may take time to get used to. You should be addressing all these issues when you go for adjustments and they should try their best to help you and relieve the denture.  It sounds like you're saying the lower is too thick with acrylic behind your teeth? Is your lower a Partial acrylic with just all pink or a Partial Casting (metal frame) denture?


The soft reline will help a lot of issues but you should be able to go back for adjustments. Sorry I don't see any photos attached on here.  :/


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Now I see the pics on here. Is the lower all acrylic- pink only?