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Sun, Mar 29, 2015 6:06 PM

I have a partial and it does not fit right.

I had three teeth pulled a little over a month ago and now have a partial on the top.  I have had my partial adjusted several times and it still does not feel right.  At one point the one tooth in the front of the partial broke and had to be repaired.  When I put the partial in I push the two front teeth into place and the back tooth pops out.  Will the adhesive fix the problem or do I need to see about having the partial adjusted again?


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6 years ago

I just got my new partial last week. Its a metal plate with the clasps that slide over and hold tight to my teeth. When I put it in I position the clasps around the bottom of my teeth then push it up into place one side at a time and everything is in place. Yes it did feel like It rocked a little bit when I would use my front teeth but I never really felt the clasps slide in the back or anything. It felt really awkward in my mouth for the first few days and still does a little but its getting better. Biggest problem I had was the saliva that gets between the roof of your mouth and plate drove me insane. So heres what I did.

I went to the store and bought the smallest tube of just plane adhesive I could find along with some cleaning tablets. Came home took them out and applied a very very small amount of adhesive to the top of my plate and beside my molars on each side where my clasps are. My partial fits very well so when I say small amount Im talking  just enough to fill in the lower places in the mold. Not a bead like the adhesive recommends more like a couple dots here and there. Put it in and bit down for a little while then release and it felt great. Yes the front tooth still has some up and down movement on the front tooth but it feels like its just the plate pushing against the top of my mouth rather than anything slipping. It also solved the saliva issue and helps my speech my daughter says I talk normal again lol.. 

When I take them out at night I swish warm water around in my mouth for a while then pull the partial out then I will put more warm water in my mouth and swish around while Im cleaning the adhesive off my partial. Once its clean i just put it in water for the night. I remove the glue from the roof of my mouth by just brushing my teeth with regular toothpaste and my tooth brush. It seems to come off pretty easy. Then I simply rinse with mouthwash and water. 

Talk to your dentist about adhesive before using it. My dentist is very reputable in my area and was neutral about me using it on my type of partial. Good luck and I hope some of my jibber jabber helps you somehow. 

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13 days ago

I got an upper partial metal plate with clasps it feels like the front is to far up front it more than meets the back Of my top front teeth is thisnormal I don’t remember my last one doing it . I have been without it for  a long time