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Tue, Jan 22, 2019 3:02 PM

I am 40 years old, and I am trying to decide if I should get dentures

I am 40 years old, and my top teeth are in bad shape.  I am already missing 4 or 5 teeth, and I am having some pain in one of my front teeth.  I went to the dentist yesterday, and they are telling me most of my teeth are salvageable, but I need root canals and crowns and bridges.  All in, they are telling me it will cost around 17,000.00.  Right now, in order to fix the front tooth that is hurting, it will cost 1800.00 just to fix just one tooth.  I would need root canals on 4 teeth, and crowns on 6, and two bridges.  I am a single mom, and as much as I want to keep my own teeth, I'm not sure that is an option. I just don't have that kind of money.  I have a pretty severe fear of the dentist, which is why I don't go as I should.  I panic, I cry, and act ridiculous, but I can't help it.  I know the decision is mine on which way I should go, but I would love to hear some opinions from people that are or were my age when they got dentures.  I can get a loan to pay for the one tooth right now, but it may be years before I could do the rest, and then what happens if several teeth are hurting, and I can't afford to fix them, and end up with dentures anyway?  Would saving this tooth for 1800.00, be worth it if I had to had it pulled and get dentures within a few years anyway?  I am just so conflicted, and I don't know what I should do.


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2 years ago

In my personal experience this is an unfathomable amount of money to come up with unless you have very good dental insurance, that's outrageous, as a single parent or not a single parent. Be honest with yourself and look at the bigger picture, fix the current issue and go from there, keeping in mind you have the option to make a better decision by looking at all alternatives, currently you are overwhelmed with what may be coming down the pike, also stay as healthy with your teeth as you can until you do make a decision,..been there and now upper denture with partial bottom at 59, denturing is not easy by any means but good dental insurance bright me to 5k my expense half of that at 59, went thru years of poor dental hygiene due to lack of health insurance, dental implants are coming down in price~...wish you the Best...

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I am having full upper dentures and 8 teeth pulled for under &3000. I would find a different dentist. I also have 1Dental ins. Plan. Worth the money...Check it out and look around for a better dds...Good Luck as I am nervous too, but trust my dentist...

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I had pulled all my bottom tooth and some top ones, a partial for top and full dentures for bottom and all together I'm paying $9,250 and I still think is a lot of money. Look for another dentist to give you a second opinion. Good luck.

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If you're in Calgary, you should check out YYC Denture Clinic ( They specialize in Dentures, and have the most reasonable pricing! Full upper denture will cost you under $1,500. You might also want to look into Implant Dentures. They're secured, and are a much better option. 

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2 years ago

Shannon: I was faced with almost the same situation as you about 2 years ago. But I already had an upper partial, and I was familiar with the challenges of having dentures. The partial kept breaking, and I simply got tired of it. I found a good dentist who had a good relationship with the dental lab I had used for years, and after about a half hour of x-rays and conversation, I came to the conclusion that I would be throwing good money after bad if I went through all the root canals, crowns and extractions I was facing in the next few months.

Like you, I would have faced mounting dental bills over time, and the cost of a full upper denture paled in comparison. I decided to have 10 problematic teeth extracted and to be fitted with a full upper denture and a lower partial. The bottom teeth were in better shape, and I only had to have one crown placed. I will probably lose the lower teeth eventually, and I understand that lower dentures present much more of a problem than the upper ones. For that reason I will have the lower denture resting on implants, not the gums.

My experience cost me about $6,500, and I see the dentist 3 times a year to help save the bottom teeth for as long as possible. I am older than you, but I don't think that should matter. The health consequences of having bad teeth and the inevitable infections are the same at any age. I'm not saying you should simply get dentures. I am saying this is a conversation that should take place between you and a good dentist.

Dentures are not the same as your real teeth. Your bite force with dentures is only about 20% of that of your natural teeth, and you need to learn to eat differently and to speak with the prosthetics in your mouth. Make no mistake: If you decide to go to dentures, it is a major, irreversible life decision, and you will have undergone nothing less than the amputation of a critical body part.

For what it's worth, days 1 to 2 after the extractions were not too bad, days 3-5 brought manageable pain and I took my last over-the-counter pain medication on day 7. After 10 days I was more or less back to normal, without pain and learning to eat again.

Having said that, I am so happy I made the decision to go to dentures. The pain is gone, the smile is back and I returned more or less to normal within a couple of months. I also adjusted my diet, and I now am at my ideal weight for my height. You deserve to be both healthy and happy, and a good dentist will help you get there regardless of the alternative you choose. Good luck to you. Joseph

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2 years ago

DO NOT pull teeth.  Is there a dental collage near you.  They are cheaper.  Root canals are the way to go save the tooth and then get a cap from regular dentist. Shop around any insurance?. Nothing will help except antibiotics to kill infection.  I am lucky I have insurance.  Please shop r get a referral.  Good Luck