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Thu, Jun 27, 2013 9:05 PM

How long until my upper lip stops looking like a monkey's mouth?

I had 8 teeth extracted three days ago and got an immediate upper denture. My face isn't really swollen or anything, but my upper lip makes it look like I was punched in the mouth, or as I refer to it "monkey mouth!" Did they make my dentures wrong, or will this go down as my gums and bone shrink? Also, the top front part of the denture curves in toward my gums, which leaves it cutting into my gum and a gap between my real gum and the denture, is that normal as well? My dentist is not too friendly, and when I went for adjustments on day two, I felt like I was rushed out of there!My biggest concerns right now are the monkey mouth and it cutting into my gums. I can't even chew because the denture cuts into my gums, and being hungry doesn't help my comfort level at all either! Should I pressure my dentist into fixing them or will it correct itself with time? PLEASE HELP I WILL GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!!
(from Tracey)


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3 m ago

This is before my teeth got really bad. Only two years ago.