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Wed, Oct 28, 2020 2:42 AM

How long should they really be out?

I’m on day 2 post op for a full upper extraction (in reality only 6 teeth- they were so bad). I took them out tonite for a couple hours but started feeling anxious and nauseous as I could feel my

Face changing and sagging so I had to put them  back in. 

how long should I really leave them out as my mouth heals? 


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a month ago

If you feel pain during the day you can take them out for a bit to give your gums a rest but ideally you should take them out every night when you go to sleep. It gives your gums a break to let the blood circulate and help maintain the bone ridge that you have left. Imagine wearing an elastic or scrunchie on your wrist for your hair or tight socks. The line on your wrist or your ankle is what the denture can do in your mouth so that's why you want to give your mouth a break every night. Have your dentures in water whenever you're not wearing them and if you have little furry friends keep them away from them. They can still smell your saliva on them even if they're clean and dogs especially love to chew on dentures. lol. Hope this helps.


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a month ago

Just wondering how your nights are going and if you decided to go with them in or out while you sleep? I just had my procedure for uppers on Monday 11/2 and am super afraid to leave them out overnight for fear of not being able to get them back in when I wake. Painful enough to replace them after cleaning. About to do my 3rd "sleep" and really feel like my face and gums could use a break. I also have more swelling today. I had 12 +1 wisdom tooth removed. Dentist went digging for the other wisdom tooth but was still covered by the bone. So I have a double pain in the mouth lol