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Fri, Jan 8, 2016 4:09 PM

How is every one today


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5 years ago

I'm doing very good. Just over 3 weeks from final extractions and insertion of full uppers and lowers. I had a couple adjustments last Monday for a few minor sore spots and no more seem to be cropping up as of right now. I started using adhesive on the lowers last Sunday and for the first time yesterday on the uppers since they seem to be slipping out a little now. (I had a sneeze surprise me on Friday at work and the uppers dropped down. Luckily I wasn't at a meeting.) Anyway, decided it was time to use adhesive on the uppers, but I think I used more than I needed to yesterday, so am going to use less today. I take the fact that they are loosening up a little now as a positive sign that my gums are healing pretty good. No discomfort or pain except when I try to chew of the left side, but even that wasn't as bad yesterday as the day before.

Sounds like you are doing great! I understand about the confidence boost. I am enjoying being able to talk at meetings and face to face with people without having to hide my teeth. My speech is very good now, although when I get tired my voice sounds a little off.

Keep on having good days!