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Wed, Aug 19, 2015 7:27 PM

how do start eating with dentures


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5 years ago

Chocolate chip shake

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5 years ago

My wonderful husband drove 20 miles to the nearest Panera Store and bought me 4 quarts of their "Cream of Potato" soup. It comes with bread or soft rolls. He uses the soft rolls and good lunch meat from the local Deli to make sandwiches so that he gets to eat. He then uses our Immersion Blender, adds some milk and butter and a bit of sea salt and pepper and really creams up the soup for me. (You could do the same thing with a potato masher, I would think) That way there are no 'hunks' of potato. By bottom dentures REALLY hurt so I cannot deal with ANYTHING but totally creamed and liquids. The potato soup is SO good!  I have managed a little bit of VERY soupy, instant 'Cream of Wheat', I add cinnamon, I really like that flavor, and a little bit of 'real' butter, I stir it all together and can eat some of that. So far I have had my top dentures for 1 week and the bottom ones for 1 day. The bottom ones are TERRIBLE!!!  They hurt EVERYWHERE!  I could not get an appointment to have any adjustments made until Monday and this is Wednesday!!  The only doctor they have available to do adjustments is the doctor that hates me and refuses to see me - so I am screwed until Monday.  So I took a couple of nail files to it - helped a little - wish I had a Dremel Tool!!