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Fri, Jan 7, 2022 9:46 AM

Horse dentures

Hade all me teeth pulled a month ago from physical abuse, (I'm out of it now) but I got a set of Temps so I can do implants later. My issue is my dentist is only willing to replace the bottom set at thus time and says it will fix the problem of my uppers sticking out. Any one have thus issue? I'm about to say the heck with it and go with out anything till I get my implants. The have ground down every tooth on dentures both sides so the dentures have no teeth in the backs. I complained and told dentist he needed to make thus right and remake my whole set, to no avail. What should I do? 

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If you don't care about money, then go to another reputable dentist and follow your request, or maybe they will give you the right advice. Not all dentists work well and are dedicated. Health and rights are yours. Drift Boss is my favorite driving game. Dedicated to you Drift Boss to have more fun and love life! ^^

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