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Mon, Feb 11, 2019 5:13 PM

Have your immediate dentures ever done this??

So yesterday I was going to put my top denture in. I was drying them off (because you know, the back of the fixodent tube says to make sure your dentures are completely dry before applying) and the damn things slipped out of my hand and fell into the sink...AND BROKE. Not like a tooth came out or chipped or broke.The pink part (i guess its supposed to be like 'gums') ...a CHUNK broke's  not noticeable because it was right at the very back over the very last tooth...but they are EXTRA painful to wear now..Has anyone elses immediate dentures broke?? Is this something the dentist can fix without needing to make a whole new top denture for me?

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Wow that is awful

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Yes, they can fix it with a hard reline - new pink part. I am always worried about doing this too - I now always fill my sink with water so that if they slip out of my hand, they only fall into the water safely.

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FYI if you put the adhesive on your denture and hear it to your mouth pull it back out get it slightly wet and then put in place and hold for 3-5sec