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Thu, Jun 9, 2016 3:35 AM

Gummy smile new to top denture

I just got my immediate top denture and I'm in a lot of pain and very upset with my smile I feel like I'm all gums when I smile and I never had a gummy smile before and my old teeth were a lot taller I used to wear a snap on smile until my teeth got to bad and also my lip gets that old lady indent on my top lip when I smile now and I can see middle crease of top of denture and every time I smile the top crease drips drool bubbles and there's nothing cute about a girl who drools. I'm a bartender and my smile is how I make a living and I feel devastated I haven't been to work in a week now again of what people will say because it's nothing like my old smile. Will the gummy smile go away?


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13 d ago

I'm so depressed because I have the same problem.  Did you ever get this fixed?