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Sun, Feb 10, 2019 6:38 PM

Going back to work with immediate dentures

My eday is 2 days away from getting full immediate dentures and I am freaking out! I continue to think the worst is going to happen- I won’t be able to wear them at all, they will fall out when I talk or I will look like a horse or monkey mouth. I am taking off work for a week, but when I go back I am afraid everyone will notice and be asking what happened to me, and I don’t want to talk about it. I just want it to be all over, I honestly don’t want to be around anyone that knows me. How do I control these thoughts and think positive? I am not scared of the pain or not eating..just the not being able to keep the bottoms in because I have low ridge on sides , not being able to talk and just looking horrible. Sorry for the long post..


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2 years ago

Hello Brenda 
I am about to get 23 teeth extracted and dentures top and bottom. I too am scared of the whole thought of this process. I cannot even sleep good. I think about the extractions the pain and the journey afterwards. I really don't care what people think because at least my smile will be nice. I am thinking as positive as I can. I'm 57 and have not smiled in years. I think no more infections and root canals crowns and bridges. I am going to go with the awake sedation where you take two Halcyon pills. I was told I will be a wake but will not remember anything. I think that in 6-12 months I wont even think about bad teeth. Hang in there and keep these type of positive thoughts.

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2 years ago

Hello, Brenda. As a neophyte those are all normal fears but not one will come true. I had a total extraction last July 28th (2018) and had immediate dentures. Was it fun, NO. Am I glad I did it, YES. The transition is fast and keep your full straight focus on being healed and fast and normal. I was at a BBQ ten days later on July 28th and no one knew I had new totally false teeth and could eat all the soft stuff.

Today, no one can tell I have dentures and I eat pretty much everything just six months later. I had a pizza tonight, ate Chinese Pepper Beef and Fried Rice for lunch. Fried chicken last night, prime rib last week, and so on. Just adjust to your own healing speed, no rush. You will know what and when you can eat in your heart and mind whenever you are ready for each type of food. I will caution you that your incisors are not as good any more to bite say an apple or corn on the cob, or hard meats, right away. So, just cut them up on your plate and all will be well. And chew on both sides like normal as with current bad teeth and pains you baby your jaws and forget how to chew normally.

Allow your mouth and gums to heal. Talk to real people around you who have dentures, family, friends, neighbors. You will be shocked how many people you know have dentures and you did not know it. Pretty soon, you will be one of us and people will think, wow she has great teeth for her age.

With immediate dentures, I will not lie to you, there will be pain for a few days but you will also have pain killers. The pain will be gone fast, and voila, you will be able to smile again and NO MORE PAIN FOR LIFE, that is the secret prize behind door number one. Relax, relax on the chair, close your eyes if needed. I have a high threshold of pain and actually talked and joked with my dentist DURING THE EXTRACTIONS.

Oh, make sure you get dentures relined after about four to eight weeks. Your gums will shrink and the dentures will get loose. Relining will solve that issue and then you should have no problems. If you are lucky you will need no adhesives. Maybe your tops will fit without adhesives, worst case you will need adhesives on upper and lower, not a big deal. Lower jaw moves a lot for talking, eating, laughing, and why they tend to get loose, the upper jaw does not move.

FYI, always carry a small tube of adhesives on you at all times as there will be times when you will have to refix your dentures while out and about because if they start getting loose you will sound like you are drunk. Funny, but not really!!

Use this forum to ask anything you want. We are your family, we are all denture wearers and non judgmental. Between us we have seen and felt every issue there is. Some of us have zero problems, some lots of problems. It is all individual and normal. The goal is to come out being indistinguishable from normal teeth and lead a normal life eating, kissing, running, laughing, playing sports, and all else.

Good luck, and keep us posted. WE ARE ALL IN THAT CHAIR WITH YOU, BEEN THERE DONE THAT, BOUGHT THE T SHIRT. Hope to hear from you a lot.

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18 days ago

New to dentures they seem to big and gummy... like I have a monkey face... will this go away? I’m 3 days with dentures 

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14 days ago

I just told people I got partials and I still needed more work done. It's a partial truth. :)  

I guarantee your going to need a soft reline after a month or so. So they can feel and look better.