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Thu, Jun 27, 2013 8:53 PM

Getting denture adhesive off my gums and the roof of my mouth

I just got my dentures 2 weeks ago. My dentist said I could use the adhesive today. I used it, waited for 45 minutes to eat and it didn't hold at all. So needless to say, I took them out and YUCK! I was gagging and thought I was going to vomit. I was sending myself into a full blown panic attack ! I had it all over my gums and roof of my mouth. I tried a toothbrush, nope. Tryed my fingers, nope. I tried scratching it off gently with a finger nail but didn't get much so I had to leave the rest in. Eventually it went away I guess because it's not there. What can I do?
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4 y ago

regarding pain when first putting in a new denture, I had to have my dentures completely ground out and redone after a horrific fail of a hard reline ruined the set and would no longer fit properly, on top of that, so help me, I looked like a cross between a mule and Homer Simpson as a result, having previously looked great before the hard reline, it was horrible. My dad still asks me if my dentist was really a veterinarian and my sister was for a while saying "DOH" when I walked in to the room hahaha. don't feel sorry for me, I have a mirror, they were right and it was hilarious...but clearly needed addressing, so went to Aspen dental and they ground out the hard reline , re molded my mouth and gave me an awesome improvement, I no longer resemble Homer lol and I get compliments on my smile...however, they were such a good fit that they really hurt at first, I wanted to adjust to them rather than have them adjusted to my discomfort, I knew it would be better of a fit once I got used to it if I left it alone....well, it was taking a LONG time to get used to it, so I bought some Anbesol, and put it on the areas of the denture that were causing pain, I did that for only 3 days and suddenly, the truly agonizing pain was gone...I could put them in with no discomfort at all, and I didn't have that intense desire to rip them out the second I was out of sight of people. I even started eating with them in, which I was unable to do before without choking, pain, gagging etc, the high side got dealt with, the rocking stopped, and so far, I haven't even needed a soft reline. its been almost a year, so my advice is use Anbesol to get you through the rough times, and it seems to have a permanent effect on comfort from then on. It gets you through the adjustment of reshaping your gum/bone to a tight fitting denture. 

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4 y ago

I let the acid in my mouth get the gunk as you call it.  I just don't know what the real problem everyone is having.  I love my new teeth.  Had them almost a year now.

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4 y ago

I managed to really irritate the upper palate of my mouth with trying to get rid of the leftover 
Secure adhesive.  I had been using a baby toothbrush and dipping it in baking soda.
The oral surgeon suggested using 3 x 3 surgical sponges.  I've been using them, and they seem to work very well.  
I've never tried the powder....I know my mother used it all the time.  Once I tried Secure, it's all I'll use.  Nothing else seems to work.  I will use Sea Bond if I'm really irritated, it's a teeny bit cushioning.
I've also become an expert on Orajel swabs, gel and rinse.  I've got them all.  The swabs are a bit $$, but I like using them on my upper palate.  
I have been wearing my lousy temporary denture for almost an entire year, and I can't tell you how much I HATE it.  Yeah, big girl panties, accept it because it's not going to change, but I truly HATE them.
I can't chew, can't eat, can't taste.  They hurt.  I will be seeing my dentist in January for a checkup and consultation about getting the permanent denture.  (I have Delta Dental & the new coverage starts then)  I'm sorely tempted to try the Clear Choice.  
Is it too late to get implants?  

I don't think I've ever been this miserable.  

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Hi Barbara,

I'm so sorry to hear how miserable this has been for you.  I detest my temporary with a passion I cannot adequately describe - and I've only had it 6 weeks!  I cannot imagine putting up with it for an entire year.  I'm going to order Russell Klein's product off of Etsy because (a) it's much cheaper, (b) he gets so many excellent reviews, and (c) I can't afford the teeth for the implants.

With that said - no, it's not too late to get implants.  They'll have to give you "over-dentures" to wear that will have room under them for the implant posts that stick up out of your gums.  I don't know a lot about it, but my periodontist is an implant surgeon and he said that it's not a big deal - you wear those for as long as it takes for the posts to heal, and then they put whatever kind of teeth you're going to get on the posts.

If I could offer only one bit of advice, it would be research, research, research.  I wish I had before I let this dentist make my temporary - I would be much more comfortable and woudn't have wasted the enormous amount of money we spent on it.  RK's are so much more affordable! 

But especially about implant surgery - read and learn all you can, because from the little I've seen, it isn't always a good outcome.  I don't say that to frighten, but just be careful and do your due diligence.

I hope this has been at least a little bit helpful,