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Sat, Feb 3, 2018 3:31 AM

Full lower dentures with natural upper teeth?

I am scheduled to have all lower teeth removed in April but I am keeping my top teeth for a few more years. I have read a lot on here about full upper and lower dentures but I am curious if there are others like me who only got their bottom teeth removed. Did you find it easier with eating, talking, and/or keeping them in? 
I am on the fence about going through the procedure at this time. I am 45 and very nervous about all of this. I don't have much of a support system around me so any advise, thoughts, or recommendations would be great. Thanks!


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4 y ago

Bottoms are entirely different.  If u have good bone u should be ok.  If not it could be a problem.  Most people have a problem including me.  I use SECURE.  Ask your Dentist about your bone.

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I got only full lowers 3 years ago and adjusted great to them. It's time to get the uppers. My too teeth have deteriorated. I'm hoping the adjustment will be just as easy. Did you ever get the too done? How was it?

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3 m ago

I have my real upper teeth still and just got m u bottom denture 2 days ago. Its not going so well...

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3 m ago

From my experience only, DO NOT let them talk you into getting all of them removed! I also had the same plan, but was told over and over by multiple dentist that it would not work because of the pressure that would be applied to the natural teeth. Now that they have removed all of my teeth, I'm calling bull shit on that! If you don't have an issue with the top, I would recommend KEEPING them as long as you can. Just "food" for thought!