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Sat, Jul 24, 2021 7:00 PM

Follow up to previous post-Has this happened to anyone else?!

I broke down and called the dentist this morning. A female dentist was working today and she was so kind and understanding! She took the slightest peak into my mouth and was shocked and disgusted by her coworkers negligence.  The immediate bottom denture they "fitted " me with has rubbed me all the way down to my bone... IT SCABBED MY BONE!!!! I had even tried calling yesterday to tell them I was in too much pain and I was brushed off and dismissed!

I will not be putting the immediate denture back in period. Worst mistake I could have made! Currently at the pharmacy picking up antibiotics,  pain meds and medicated mouth flush!!! Cannot wait to start feeling better!

Has anyone else had something like this happen? Let me know!


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