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Thu, Feb 9, 2017 3:21 PM


EZO Dental Cusions

Hi everyone! If this product has already been discussed then please let me know and I will delete. I looked through the archives and didn't see anything about it. I found it at my small corner drug store that starts with a W, not sure I can say th e name here. I haven't gotten my new denture yet but when I saw this I decided to go ahead and buy it to keep it on hand for future use. It's called EZO Denture Cushions and cost just under $6 for 15 of them. I accidentally bought lower ones so I will have to exchange them today for uppers since I am only getting an upper denture. I took a peek at them and they look pretty nice and aren't supposed to have a smell or flavor and are supposed to conform to your mouth the way memory foam does to your body. Has anyone tried these? I think they might also be good to cushion areas that may be hurting.

What do you think? If you have tried them, how were they and is there something better in your opinion?

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Il y a 5 y

I tried them and had to return them. They are supposed to be a temporary fix for poor fitting dentures that you have had for a while. I found that they did not help with the adhesive quality of my dentures. In fact they are si thick they made them looser. I was trying to cushion a couple of rub spots and the dentures were so loose they were useless.

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Il y a 5 y

I heard a lot of good things about EZO Cushions from a lot of members at Dan's denture website. I never tried them but I did use benzodent, which you get from amazon. Now that stuff was a Godsend for me!!!

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Il y a 9 m

Most are inexpensive. Even blue cross and they start almost right away. I don't know about all of course. After insurance is in effect then have work done. 

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