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Thu, May 3, 2018 3:56 PM

EDay is fast approaching..

EDay is fast approaching....I viewed my new upper temps yesterday and was a little disappointed that they didnt look like my real teeth. Much smaller. I am now getting nervous about the pain I will be in after I wake up having 14 teeth removed.:(((


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2 years ago

From my personal experience there is discomfort from the trauma initially but if you have some pain medication like Tylenol or Tylenol 3 it will help also drink a lot of fluids to help reduce body inflammation before your extractions the only downside is more potty breaks it will help as well to be honest I had 9 teeth pulled all at once only local anesthetic it was more mental anguish than physical not to say it will be a cakewalk but those things I stated will help as well,...getting it over and done is a HUGE relief!!! to you~