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Sat, Dec 16, 2017 5:28 AM


I'm 57 years old and had 18 teeth extracted on October 27,2017 and had immediate dentures put in and I've had nothing but problems. I had problems with my bite not being right so they finally listened to me and fixed that although I still think it's off a little. They put my 2nd soft liner in this past Tuesday and they had to redo it twice because the girl messed it up the first time. Then they actually got a dentist in there and she agreed with me that my bite was off so she did some more adjusting and redid the soft liner . But I'm still having trouble eating as it still cuts into the chin area of my mouth when I try to chew so I guess I'll be making yet another trip to get them adjusted again. And it's also hurting/rubbing me on my upper left side, so the dentist told me that I am swelling inward and it's pushing a bone out that my dentures is rubbing on. She told me to ice it. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. It's so depressing because it's Christmas time and I can't eat much of anything without chopping it up. The one girl at the dentist office told me that I would never be able to eat a burger or bite anything on the front teeth, that I would have to always chop my food up, is that true?

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Hi Wanda! First 6 months a difficult adjustment for everyone. Eating with foreign objects in your mouth takes some getting used to. Some folks adjust better than others.
The only way I manage is to treat my denture ( upper) as a tool. Like an artificial limb if you will. Most of the time I eat with them out. This limits what I eat and where I eat. My brother has full dentures for 40 years. He manages to eat everything but he cuts everything up and chews with caution.
If I have to eat out, I find Chinese style buffet my best choice. Lots of small items. Keep in mind it can take a while for your gums to settle down. Bone chips not unusual. My gums still shrinking. I got a hard recline but after 3 months loose again. I use a lot of Polident powder. Find it works best for me.
All the best. Be patient,

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I don't have too much of a problem eating. I only have a full upper set and a lower partial. Yes, biting can be a little tricky but to say you will never eat a burger again is a bit harsh.

I felt, in the beginning, that there was going to be so many foods that I would never be able to have again but as the weeks go by I'm finding it's not as many as I thought. I get my permanents next month. That being said, I'd kill to be able to eat a Snickers bar but that is not going to happen.

It takes time and practice getting used to new dentures. Everyone's denture journey seems to be different so don't write yours off as failed. You still have a ways to go.

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I got 13 teeth pulled nov. 27th 2017 and it's been hard on me as well I have a temporary plate and get my final set in July after my gums heal all the way. I have already eaten a burger. But it hurts to eat but I love food and can't not eat it. It takes me longer to eat because I have to chew slow. Fixodent powder works best for me. It stay longer than poligrip. But rinsing with warm salt water helps a lot with my sores and rubbing. Its nasty but it really works and helps with the sores the rubbing causes it's been hard I'm only 29 years old and have no top teeth. I have had two adjustments since I got mine. So yes long road ahead. But I have only heard it gets better.

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