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Mon, Mar 16, 2015 4:51 PM

Dentures not lining up

I just had 20 extractiions done a week ago, and a full top and bottom denture put in. The pain is getting better, but it doesnt seem like my teeth line up and I cant chew food yet. Does anyone know if they will eventually line up after all the swelling is gone. Or will I need a full alignment done??


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6 years ago

Raelene I am one week in had one appt already and want supposed to go back April 1 but called to get an appt today because my gums have went down. Now have sores that hurt so bad I don't even want to wear them. Hopefully that gets fixed today. And the stitches have finally started to come out thank goodness going to work today. Haven't used adhesive yet don't know if I can. Thanks