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Sat, Oct 23, 2021 2:49 AM

Dentures and ARFID?


Question by way of a 2+-year status report.

June 2019 was my extraction; full immediate set now converted to permanent. I have my routine down, but two years in I have something to share.

My food preferences and eating habits...

1. I now detest starch foods. I do not eat bread, buns, potatoes, cookies like I used to. I will eat a baked potato if it's loaded with extras. I think it's more of a texture thing. I eat sandwiches open-faced and douse them in hot sauce or salad dressing.

2. I have lost 20 pounds since getting dentures and it has remained stable. There were no other issues to account for the weight loss.

3. I do not eat nearly as much as I used to. Not sure how much is dentures and how much is COVID, or how much is just being 63.

4. I gotta have sauce on everything. If it's steak, I'll have it au jus. 

5. Generally, I am hungrier than I am willing to eat at a sitting and would rather snack. I fill up much more quickly than I used to.

6. Even 2 years in I have to fight the urge to just 'rip and swallow'

7. The only thing I cannot eat is corn from the cob.

So I was surfing and found out about ARFID, and I am wondering if anyone has linked it to the revisions we denture wearers often make to our diet and eating habits. 

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