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Sat, Oct 28, 2017 4:43 PM

Day 3 Full upper extraction & denture

So today I'm feeling pretty good still. The thought of this thing in my mouth the rest of my life is little unnerving but it is what it is. I have taken them out for the first time and cleaned them and salt rinsed my mouth. I put them right back in after that. My only issue is I feel like they are pushing my upper lip WAY out. Is this normal? I feel like my lip is extending out past my nose.


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3 years ago

There will be some swelling in the beginning and I know I felt like my mouth was jutting out. It does go away. Amazingly enough I am becoming quite accustomed to the way they feel. I get my permanents in January so hopefully those feel even better.

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3 years ago

The monkey mouth feeling goes away lol. And u will get used to the feeling of hockey puck in ur mouth. I've had mine since March and to me now it feels weird without it in. Lol. But once the swelling goes down sum ur top lip won't feel like it's stuck out so much.

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3 years ago

The swelling I believe is what makes you feel like your lip is extended. I am on my 10 th day and I still feel the loss. It doesn't feel that I will ever get used to or accept that this foreign chunk of plastic is now a part of my life. I just. wish I could go back to the time before my illness and have my own healthy teeth back. Gee, I guess day 9 & 10 are part of the postpartum blues? Ha! I wonder how many more of those days lie ahead. For anyone else who is feeling like this I send some hugs .

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3 years ago

Brandon, good job for doing your salt-water rinse and taking care of your gums as they heal.  I can't 100% relate to the "monkey mouth" feel because I did get to keep my top front six, but that has its own set of challenges.

I can say that, even as much as I absolutely dislike this ill-fitting partial they gave me, I'm already feeling "normal" with it in, and I'm only 5 weeks beyond E-Day.  Just keep taking care of your gums, find some way to keep getting your nutrients, and please keep posting here so we know how you're doing.


P.S.  Pamela - super cute!  I love hugs!